Phrase Translation Easy Quiz 08

1. お茶を飲みませんか?(おちゃをのみませんか?)
Would you like some wine?
Would you like some salad?
Would you like some tea?
Would you like some water?

2. 日本料理は好きですか?(にほんりょうりはすきですか?)
Do you like Japanese food?
Do you like Japanese culture?
Do you like Japanese comic books?
Do you like Japanese people?

3. 私は医者です。(わたしはいしゃです。)
I’m a teacher.

I’m a doctor.
I’m a policeman.
I’m a lawyer.

4. このピザは美味しくないです。(このぴざはおいしくないです。)
This spaghetti is delicious.

This spaghetti is not delicious.
This pizza is delicious.
This pizza is not delicious.

5. 気をつけてください。(きをつけてください。)
Please come back soon.
Please be careful.
Please wait a moment.
Please call me back.

6. これをください。
Please give me that.
Please show me that.
Please show me this.
Please give me this.


7. すみません。水を一杯ください。(すみません。みずをいっぱいください。)
Excuse me. Please give me a cup of water.

Excuse me. Please give me a cup of wine.
Excuse me. Please give me two cups of water.
Excuse me. Please give me two cups of wine.

8. 漫画と小説を買いました。「まんがとしょうせつをかいました。」
I bought apples and vegetables.
I bought hats and shirts.
I bought comic books and novels.
I bought beer and sushi.

9. 「ただいま。」「おかえりなさい。」
“I’m home.” “Welcome home.”
“I’m home.” “Where have you been?”
“I’m going now.” “See you later.”
“I’m going now.” “Come back soon.”

10. あのドレスを見せてください。(あのどれすをみせてください。)
Please sell me that dress.
Please show me that dress.
Please sell me that skirt.
Please show me that skirt.


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