Phrase Translation Easy Quiz 04

1. 私がの喉が渇いてます。(わたしはのどがかわいています)
I’m hungry.
I’m tired.
I’m thirsty.
I’m upset.

2. 兄が走っています。(あにがはしっています)
My brother is playing games.
My brother is studying.
My brother is working.
My brother is running.

3. 電話を使ってもいいですか?(でんわをつかってもいいですか)
Can I sit down?

Can I come in?
Can I use your bathroom?
Can I use your phone?

4. 迷子になってしまいました。(まいごになってしまいました)
I’m lost.

I’m strong.
I’m surprised.
I’m happy.

5. 弟は椅子に座っています。(おとうとはいすにすわっています)
My brother is in the kitchen.
My brother is sitting on the chair.
My brother is sleeping in his room.
My brother is playing outside.


6. これはいくらですか?
How about this?
How far is it?
How much is this?
How long does it take?

7. 私は漫画が好きです。(わたしはまんががすきです)
I like football.

I like dolls.
I like comic books.
I like TV shows.

8. お金を持っていません。(おかねをもっていません)
I have not a clue.
I have no money.
I have no friends.
I have no family.

9. 鞄を探しています。(かばんをさがしています)
I’m looking for my bag.
I’m waiting for my friend.
I’m cooking dinner.
I’m watching TV.

10. 右に曲がってください。(みぎにまがってください)
Please turn left.
Please go straight ahead.
Please turn right.
Please stop here.


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