Phrase Translation Easy Quiz 02

1. これは何ですか?
What’s this?
What’s that?
What are those?
Where is it?

2. 彼は家から出ています。
He’s entering the house.
He’s coming out of the house.
He’s cleaning the house.
He’s selling the house.

3. 赤ちゃんはミルクを飲んでいます。
The baby is crying.

The baby is eating rice.
The baby is drinking his milk.
The baby is walking.

4. 昨日友達と一緒にビールを飲みました。
I ate lunch with my friends yesterday.

I drank beer with my friends yesterday.
I went to my friend’s birthday party yesterday.
I hang out with my friends yesterday.

5. 逃げないで、私の話を聞いてよ。
Don’t run. Listen to what I have to say.
Don’t cry. Listen to what he has to say.
Don’t interrupt. Listen to what she has to say.
Don’t go. Listen to what I have to say.


6. この部屋は本当に狭いですね。
This room is really big.
This room is really small.
This room is really dirty.
This room is really clean.

7. あした雪が降るでしょう。
It might rain tomorrow.

It might be sunny tomorrow.
It might be cloudy tomorrow.
It might snow tomorrow.

8. あなたの服は汚いですよ。
Your hair is beautiful.
Your bag is beautiful.
Your clothes are dirty.
Your hands are dirty.

9. このスカートはきれいですね。
This jewelry is expensive.
This dress is short.
This skirt is beautiful.
This food is delicious.

10. 話があります。
I have a book.
I have a pen.
I need to talk to you.
I need to buy a book.


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