Phrase Translation Easy Quiz 12

1. 私は英語しか話せません。(わたしはえいごしかはなせません。)
I can speak English.
I can only speak English.
I can’t speak English.
I can speak a little English.

2. 東京タワーから浅草寺が見えますか?(とうきょうたわあからせんそうじがみえますか?)
Can you see Sensoji from Tokyo tower?
How far is Sensoji from Tokyo tower?
Can we walk to Sensoji from Tokyo tower?
Should we go to Sensoji after we visit Tokyo tower?

3. この道を真っ直ぐ行ってください。(このみちをまっすぐいってください。)
Please turn left.

Please turn right.
Please go straight down this road.
Please stop at the corner.

4. ほとんどの人は座っています。(ほとんどのひとはすわっています。)
Many people are sitting.

Most people are sitting.
Everyone is sitting.
No one is sitting.

5. 電車を待っています。(でんしゃをまっています。)
I’m getting off the train.
I’m running towards the train.
I’m sitting on the train.
I’m waiting for the train.


6. 木を登ることができますか?(きをのぼることができますか?)
Can you climb trees?
Can you run a long distance?
Can you drink 10 bottles of beer?
Can you draw?

7. 素敵なドレスですね。どこで買いましたか?(すてきなどれすですね。どこでかいましたか?)
What a beautiful dress. Who gave it to you?

What a beautiful dress. Can I wear it?
What a beautiful dress. Where did you buy it?
What a beautiful dress. How much is it?

8. 趣味は何ですか?(しゅみはなんですか?)
What’s your favorite band?
What’s your hobby?
What’s your address?
What’s your name?

9. 静かにしてください。(しずかにしてください。)
Please speak louder.
Please be careful.
Please stop doing that.
Please be quiet.

10. 全部食べられますか?(ぜんぶたべられますか?)
What do you want to eat?
What are you eating?
Can you eat all this?
Did you eat all this?


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