Phrase Translation Easy Quiz 11

1. 最近忙しくなりました。(さいきんいそがしくなりました。)
I’m busy.
I’m very busy.
I’ve become busy lately.
I’m not busy.

2. もう日本の生活に慣れましたか?(もうにほんのせいかつになれましたか?)
Are you used to living in Japan yet?
Do you enjoy living in Japan?
Is this your first time in Japan?
Do you have any problems living in Japan?

3. 日本語を自習しています。(にほんごをじしゅうしています。)
I’m studying Japanese.

I’m self-studying Japanese.
I want to study Japanese.
I tried to study Japanese.

4. これは駐車場です。(これはちゅうしゃじょうです。)
This is a station.

This is a restaurant.
This is a parking lot.
This is a subway station.

5. このコップは空です。(このこっぷはからです。)
This cup is empty.
This cup is full.
This cup is new.
This cup is old.


6. あなたもいらっしゃいますか?
Where are you going?
Will you come too?
When did you come here?
What are you going to do?

7. 友達と約束があります。(ともだちとやくそくがあります。)
I have a date with my girlfriend.

I have a train to catch.
I have a appointment with my friend
I have a class to attend.

8. 子供たちは玩具を持っています。(こどもたちはおもちゃをもっています。)
The kids have candies.
The kids have toys.
The kids have food.
The kids have ice-cream.

9. この辺、交番がありますか?(このへん、こうばんがありますか?)
Is there a hospital around here?
Is there a park around here?
Is there a police box around here?
Is there a subway station around here?

10. 残念ですね。(ざんねんですね。)
It’s sad.
It’s too much.
It’s a pity.
It’s acceptable.


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