Phrase Translation Easy Quiz 10

1. 分かった。(わかった。)
Got it.
No idea.
I don’t care.
Don’t ask me.

2. どこへ行きますか?(どこへいきますか?)
What are you doing?
Where are you going?
What are you reading?
When are you leaving?

3. 寿司を食べましょう。(すしをたべましょう。)
Let’s go to the zoo.

Let’s study Japanese.
Let’s drink Cocacola.
Let’s eat sushi.

4. 漢字が読めますか?(かんじがよめますか?)
Can you speak Japanese?

Can you write Vietnamese?
Can you read Kanji?
Can you understand Spanish?

5. 中国語を学びたいです。(ちゅうごくごをまなびたいです。)
I want to go to China.
I want to study Chinese.
I want to eat Chinese food.
I want to watch Chinese drama.


6. テーブルの上には本がたくさんあります。(てえぶるのうえにはほんがたくさんあります。)
There are many pens on the desk.
There are many notebooks on the desk.
There are many books on the table.
There are many pencils on the table.

7. いらっしゃいませ。

Thank you.
Please wait.

8. 仕事を探しています。(しごとをさがしています。)
I’m looking for a woman.
I’m looking for a job.
I’m looking for a house.
I’m looking for a man.

9. 水、もう一杯いかがですか?(みず、もういっぱいいかがですか?)
Would you like a cup of water?
Would you like another cup of water?
Would you like a cup of coffee?
Would you like another cup of coffee?

10. いいえ、結構です。(いいえ、けっこうです。)
Yes, please.
I don’t mind.
Let me think.
No, thank you.


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