Learn one Kanji a day with infographic: 階 (kai)

Learn one Kanji a day with infographic: 階 (kai)

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storey, stair, counter for storeys of a building


On: kai
Kun: kizahashi


階 (kai): story, floor
一階 (ikkai): one floor, first floor
二階 (nikai): second floor, upstairs
段階 (dankai): grade, level, stage, class
階級 (kaikyuu): social class, rank, grade
階段 (kaidan): stairs, stairway, staircase
階下 (kaika): lower floor, downstairs
音階 (onkai): musical scale
各階 (kakukai): each floor
階数 (kaisuu): number of stairs or stories
階層 (kaisou): class, level, stratum
職階 (shokkai): job ranking
階子 (hashigo): ladder, stairs
階上 (kaijou): an upper floor, upstairs
地階 (chikai): basement, cellar
現段階 (gendankai): present stage, current phase
二階建て (nikaidate): two-storied building
中産階級 (chuusankaikyuu): middle class
階級闘争 (kaikyuutousou): class struggle
下層階級 (kasoukaikyuu): lower classes
計画段階 (keikakudankai): planning stage
初期段階 (shokidankai): initial stage
無産階級 (musankaikyuu): the proletarian class



kare wa gokai no yonehara no sumai e agatte itta.
He went up to Yonehara’s room on the fifth floor.

roshia wa sandankai ni wakete koudou o okosu darou.
Russia’s actions will unfold in three phases.

soshite sono shihyou o miru to, nihon wa, yori kaisou shugi no kuni de aru koto ga wakarimasu.
And we can see on that scale that Japan is a more hierarchical country.

nikai date no besssoufuu no ie de ne, ura ni wa niwa ga aru keredo, omote wa ourai kara sugu datta.
It is a villa, with a garden at the back, but built out in front right up to the road, two stories.

kibou no hikari ga sashita no mo tsuka no ma datta. kado o magatte kaidan o kake oriru ya, sono saki ga yukidomari da to kizuita.
The flash of hope was short-lived. As I turned the corner and headed down the stairs, I realized I was dashing into a dead end.

takai shokkai ni susumu ni wa, hon o dasu ka, tokkyo o toru ka, guroobaru ni juuyou na purojekuto ni sanka suru shika nakatta.
To get to the highest job codes you have to publish, initiate patents, and work on globally important projects.

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