Learn one Kanji a day with infographic: 議 (gi)

Learn one Kanji a day with infographic: 議 (gi)

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deliberation, consultation, debate, consideration


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論議 (rongi): discussion, argument
議員 (giin): member of the Diet, congress of parliament
閣議 (kakugi): cabinet meeting
会議 (kaigi): meeting, conference
審議 (shingi): deliberation
議会 (gikai): Diet, congress, parliament
抗議 (kougi): protest, objection
討議 (tougi): debate, discussion
議論 (giron): argument, discussion, dispute
評議 (hyougi): conference, discussion
議決 (giketsu): resolution, decision
異議 (igi): objection, dissent, protest
議題 (gidai): topic of discussion, agenda
議案 (gian): legislative bill, measure
議院 (giin): parliament, congress, diet
争議 (sougi): dispute, quarrel, strike
合議 (gougi): consultation, conference
決議 (ketsugi): resolution, vote, decision
議長 (gichou): chairman, president
謀議 (bougi): plot, conspiracy
物議 (butsugi): public discussion, controversy
協議 (kyougi): conference, consultation
議席 (giseki): parliamentary seat
本会議 (honkaigi): plenary session, regular session
会議室 (kaigishitsu): conference room, council room
議事堂 (gijidou): parliament house, capitol
不思議 (fushigi): wonder, miracle, strange
国会議員 (kokkaigiin): member of National Diet, Diet member



hito no nami wa gijidou no koudai na shikichi o umetsukushita.
The crowd filled the large grounds of the Capitol.

ato futatsu no jinji wa, hoka yori mo giron o yonda.
Two other appointments excited more comment.

kaigi ga saiyuusen subeki na no wa roodeshia jousei datta.
It was the situation in Rhodesia which had to be the the meeting’s real priority.

omae wa nakanaka kuchidassha da yo, giin ni naranai no ga fushigi da na.
You’re quite a powerful speaker. I wonder why you don’t go into Parliament.

watashi wa kare ni, nyuuyooku de no ketsugi no arayuru mongon wa giron saretsukushita to itta.
I told him that every word in the resolution in New York had been thoroughly debated.

arabu renmei wa shiria no kyuusen o motome, asado seiken ni taishi, guntai o shuyou na toshi kara tettai sasete seijihan o shakuhou shi, jaanarisuto ya jindouteki shiensha no katsudou o hogo shi, kougishatachi to no taiwa o kaishi suru you ni yobikaketa.
League demanded a cease-fire in Syria and called on the Assad regime to pull its troops back from the major cities, release political prisoners, protect access for journalists and humanitarian workers, and begin a dialogue with the protesters.

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