Learn one Kanji a day with infographic: 老 (rou)

Learn one Kanji a day with infographic: 老 (rou)

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old man, old age, grow old


On: rou
Kun: o.iru, fu.keru


老い (oi): old age, old person
老人 (roujin): the aged, old person
長老 (chourou): eldest, senior
老後 (rougo): old age
老女 (roujo): elderly woman
老齢 (rourei): advanced age, senility
老化 (rouka): aging, senile deterioration
老衰 (rousui): senility, senile decay
老年 (rounen): old age
老舗 (rouho): veteran
老婦 (roufu): old woman
老練 (rouren): experienced, veteran
初老 (shorou): past middle-aged, aging
海老 (ebi): prawn, shrimp, lobster
老朽 (roukyuu): superannuated, decrepitude
老眼 (rougan): age-related longsightedness, farsightedness
不老 (furou): perennial youth
老若 (rounyaku): young and old, all ages
老ける (fukeru): to age, to grow old
老いる (oiru): to age, to grow old
年老い (toshioi): old person
養老院 (yourouin): home for the aged
不老泉 (furousen): fountain of youth
老夫婦 (roufuufu): old couple, elderly couple
年老いる (toshioiru): to grow old
老人福祉 (roujinfukushi): welfare for the aged



nihonjin wa rougo ni sonaete chochiku ni hagenda.
Japanese planned for retirement through savings.

mata arata na hossa no kutsuu ga, fukou na roufujin o osotta no da.
A fresh access of pain seized the unfortunate old lady.

oita gunba ga keishou no oto ni dou hannou suru ka, watashi wa shitte iru.
I know what the old warhorse does when he hear the bell ring.

toshioita shougun wa jitto wakamono no hanashi o kiki, shitsumon ni mo konki yoku kotaete kureru.
The old gentleman patiently listens to the kid and courteously answers his questions.

kojin wa, rourei de atta tame ni, osoraku izen no yuigonjou no koto o wasurete shimatta.
The deceased was an old lady, and might have forgotten the former will.

to itte roujin to mousu node mo naku, toshi no koto wa watashi ni mo hanzen to itashimasen ga, ten’in to shite wa, anna rippa na ten’in ga mata erareru mono de wa gozaimasen.
He’s not such a youth, either. It’s hard to say his age. I should not wish a smarter employee.

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