Learn one Kanji a day with infographic: 組 (so)

Learn one Kanji a day with infographic: 組 (so)

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association, braid, plait, construct, assemble, unite, cooperate, grapple


On: so
Kun:, kumi, -gumi


組み (kumi): set (of items), group (of people)
組む (kumu): to unite, to put together
労組 (rouso): labor union
番組 (bangumi): program, programme
組合 (kumiai): association, union
一組 (hitokumi): a pair, one set
仕組 (shikumi): structure, construction
縁組 (engumi): betrothal, marriage
組織 (soshiki): organization, structure
骨組 (honegumi): skeletal frame, physique
取組 (torikumi): dealing with, match
改組 (kaiso): reorganization
組成 (sosei): composition, constitution
組立 (kumitate): framework, construction
枠組み (wakugumi): frame, framework
組込む (kumikomu): to insert, to include
仕組む (shikumu): to devise, to arrange
組合せ (kumiawase): combination
組替え (kumikae): rearrangement, recombination
組織的 (soshikiteki): systematic
乗組員 (norikumiin): crew
生番組 (namabangumi): live program
再組織 (saisoshiki): reorganization
三人組 (sanningumi): trio, gang of three
組合せる (kumiawaseru): to join together, to combine
入り組む (irikumu): to become complicated
取り組む (torikumu): to tackle, to wrestle with
乗り組む (norikumu): to get on aboard, to join a ship
組み込み (kumikomi): built-in, insertion
組み合う (kumiau): to join together
労働組合 (roudoukumiai): labor union
協同組合 (kyoudoukumiai): cooperative, partnership
組み立てる (kumitateru): to assemble, to set up
組み入れる (kumiireru): to include, to insert
組み替える (kumikaeru): to rearrange, to reset
組み上げる (kumiageru): to compose, to put together



kono soshiki ni kanari no taikin mo kifu shite iru.
I am contributing plenty of money to the organization, too.

kono terebi bangumi wa, sheekusupia geki to kyoutsuuten ga ooi.
This TV show has many parallels to a Shakespeare play.

kumiai wa kao o tsubusarenai you na nigemichi o hoshigatta.
The union wanted a way out which would save face.

aru nakaniwa ni tatte iru hikui tatemono no naka no kurai hitokumi no heya datta.
They were a gloomy suite of rooms, in a lowering pile of building up a yard.

tatemono wa shuuaku na konkuriito no hako no kumiawase de, sono ue ni kebakebashii kanban ga notte iru.
The architecture is an amalgam of ugly concrete boxes topped with garish signage.

kanojo wa, kono engumi de chichioya wa manzoku suru darou kara, hahaoya ni mou sukoshi yasashiku naru no dewa nai ka to omotta no de aru.
Now that her father was satisfied, she hoped he would treat her mother better.

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