Learn one Kanji a day with infographic: 方 (hou)

Learn one Kanji a day with infographic: 方 (hou)

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direction, person, alternative


On: hou
Kun: kata, -kata, -gata


方 (hou): direction, way, side
方式 (houshiki): form, method, system, formula
北方 (hoppou): northern, northward
一方 (ippou): one way, the other
方向 (houkou): direction, orientation, bearing, way
行方 (yukue): one’s whereabouts
方策 (housaku): plan, policy
目方 (mekata): weight
方言 (hougen): dialect
片方 (katahou): one side, one party
味方 (mikata): friend, ally, supporter
両方 (ryouhou): both sides, both parties
方面 (houmen): direction, district, area
仕方 (shikata): way, method, means
途方 (tohou): way, destination, reason
前方 (zenpou): forward, frontward
後方 (kouhou): behind, in the rear
夕方 (yuugata): evening, dusk
平方 (heihou): square
四方 (shihou): every direction
方法 (houhou): method, manner, way
地方 (chihou): area, district, region
見方 (mikata): viewpoint, point of view
親方 (oyakata): master, boss, chief
方々 (katagata): they (of people), you (plural)
大方 (ookata): perhaps, almost all, majority
他方 (tahou): one way, the other way
下方 (kahou): lower region, lower part
方針 (houshin): objective, plan, policy
双方 (souhou): two ways, both parties, mutual
考え方 (kangaekata): way of thinking
使い方 (tsukaikata): way to use something, treatment
明け方 (akegata): dawn
一方的 (ippouteki): one-sided, arbitrary
長方形 (chouhoukei): rectangle, oblong
正方形 (seihoukei): square
地方分権 (chihoubunken): decentralization of power
地方自治体 (chihoujichitai): local authority



katahou no bunsekiin ga mou katahou yori shin’you dekiru no ka.
Is one analyst more credible than the other?

ooku no kuniguni ga, zentai shugi to iu kyokutan na houkou ni hashitta.
Many other countries swung to the extremes of totalitarianism.

ichinenkan ni ryouhou no kyougikai de yuushou shita gundan wa hajimete datta.
No one corps had ever won both competitions in the same year.

chuugokujin wa watashitachi no dentou o okashita no yo, kakushinteki na yarikata de.
The Chinese are invading our tradition in an innovative way.

chuugoku wa omotemuki wa touitsu o iji suru ga, kenryoku wa chihou ni bunsan shite iku.
China will remain formally united, but power will tend to devolve to the regions.

ueeruzu wa, fuhen kousei na mono no mikata o iji suru to iu shishin o henshuu houshin to shite uchitateta.
Wales created an editorial policy of maintaining a neutral point of view as the guiding principle.

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