Learn one Kanji a day with infographic: 巡 (jun)

Learn one Kanji a day with infographic: 巡 (jun)

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patrol, go around, circumference


On: jun
Kun:, megu.ri


巡り (meguri): tour, pilgrimage
巡る (meguru): to go around, to return
巡査 (junsa): police, policeman
巡視 (junshi): inspection tour
一巡 (ichijun): beat, round
巡礼 (junrei): pilgrimage, pilgrim
巡航 (junkou): cruise, cruising
巡行 (junkou): patrol
巡演 (jun’en): performance tour
巡回 (junkai): going around, patrol, round
巡業 (jungyou): provincial tour
巡らす (megurasu): to enclose, to encircle
一巡り (hitomeguri): once around, a lap, a round
駆巡る (kakemeguru): to run about, to rush about
経巡る (hemeguru): to travel about
巡航船 (junkousen): cruiser
巡洋艦 (jun’youkan): cruiser
巡り合う (meguriau): to meet by chance, to happen across
お巡りさん (omawarisan): policeman
巡り合わせ (meguriawase): fate, chance


hitobito wa junrei de, nannichi mo kakete kono tera made aruku.
People walk for many days on pilgrimages to this temple.


omawari san wa, ichinichi nanjikan kurai shigoto o shite imasu ka?
How many hours a day does a police officer work?

sugu ni, junsa ni tsukamarimasu yo. aa, kado o magatte ikimasu yo.
You’ll be stopped by a policeman in another minute. There he goes, round the corner!

ukemochi kuiki no junkaichuu ni, sono mise no doa ni sawatte miru to, kagi ga kakatte inai koto ni ki ga tsuita.
When on my round I tried the door of the shop and found it unfastened.

zensekai o junshi suru yuiitsu no honkakuteki kaigun o motsu ga yue ni, kaijou koutsuuro o kirei ni tamotsu no wa watashitachi no kantei na no da.
With the only blue-water navy that patrols the entire globe, it is our ships that keep the sea lanes clear.

iroiro na koto ga atama no naka o megutte iru to omoimasu ga, anata wa dochira ni mo awasete oki, boukan shite ireba ii. dochira ga katte mo anata ni son wa nai. anata ni totte no son wa ima tsukamatte shimau koto desu.
Many things are probably flying through your head right now. But you should just go along with both sides and stay on the sidelines. You lose nothing, regardless of who wins this. The only way you lose is if you’re captured right now.

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