Learn one Kanji a day with infographic: 察 (satsu)

Learn one Kanji a day with infographic: 察 (satsu)

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guess, presume, surmise, judge, understand


On: satsu


察し (sasshi): guess, conjecture
警察 (keisatsu): police
検察 (kensatsu): examination, prosecutor
視察 (shisatsu): inspection, observation
観察 (kansatsu): observation, survey
察知 (sacchi): sense, infer
偵察 (teisatsu): scout out, reconnaissance
査察 (sasatsu): inspection, investigation
診察 (shinsatsu): medical examination
洞察 (dousatsu): discernment, insight
省察 (seisatsu): reflection, consideration
推察 (suisatsu): guess, conjecture, surmise
考察 (kousatsu): consideration, inquiry
巡察 (junsatsu): patrolling
監察 (kansatsu): inspection, inspector
察する (sassuru): to guess, to sense
警察庁 (keisatsuchou): National Police Agency
検察官 (kensatsukan): public prosecutor
警察署 (keisatsusho): police station
診察室 (shinsatsushitsu): examining room
監察官 (kansatsukan): inspector, supervisor
警察権 (keisatsuken): police powers
警察官 (keisatsukan): policemen, police officier
洞察力 (dousatsuryoku): insight, discernment
警察当局 (keisatsutoukyoku): the police


ejiputo no keisatsu kidoutai ga yatto touchaku shita ga, kougi wa tsuzuita.
Egyptian riot police eventually arrived, but the protest continued.


sou da na… jibun no musume dakara, shisei o kaeta no dewa keisatsukan toshite shikkaku da.
You’re right. If I changed my position just because it’s my daughter, I would be a failure as a police officer.

itsumo no toori, mazu wa sono mama ue ni me ga muite, tenjou no chuuoubu o kansatsu shita.
As always, my gaze first ascended straight up to the towering central collar.

kensatsu toukyoku wa, hikoku ga, matsumoto ni hensou shite, mura no kusuriya e haitta to dangen sareta.
The prosecution averred that the defendant had entered the chemist’s shop in the village, disguised as Matsumoto.

kitto abura no ribon ga kenkyuujo no doa no shita o tootte ite, mamonaku naka de kasai ga okoru to sacchi shita.
I knew full well that the ribbon of oil probably continued beneath the lab door, and would soon start a fire inside.

watashi ga hoka no hito kara osowatta kangae ya chishiki ya dousatsu o tsutaeru koto ni tsuite de ari, gendai no wakamono, gaikokujin dake de naku, nihonjin ni taishite idaku kimochi ni tsuite demo arimasu.
This is about a kind of transmission, of passing on thoughts and knowledge and insight that I’ve learned from other people, and that I feel for younger people today, but not only foreigners, but also Japanese.

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