Learn one Kanji a day with infographic: 余 (yo)

Learn one Kanji a day with infographic: 余 (yo)

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too much, myself, surplus, other, remainder


On: yo
Kun:, ama.ri,, anma.ri


余り (amari): remainder, rest, remnant, not very, surplus
余る (amaru): to remain, to be left over
余す (amasu): to save, to leave over
余波 (yoha): after-effect, aftermath
余裕 (yoyuu): surplus, margin, room
余地 (yochi): place, room, margin, scope
余暇 (yoka): leisure, leisure time
余力 (yoryoku): spare energy, remaining strength
余罪 (yozai): other crimes, further offenses
余命 (yomei): remainder of one’s life
余分 (yobun): extra, excess, surplus
余生 (yosei): the rest of one’s life
余計 (yokei): too much, abundance, surplus
余所 (yoso): another place, strange parts
余剰 (yojou): redundant, surplus
余程 (yohodo): very, greatly, much
余り物 (amarimono): remains, remnant
余所見 (yosomi): looking away, looking aside
刑余者 (keiyosha): ex-convict
余りにも (amarinimo): too much, excessive
思い余る (omoiamaru): to be at a loss
余儀ない (yoginai): unavoidable, inevitable
目に余る (me ni amaru): to be intolerable
余所行き (yosoyuki): going out, formal behaviour
平均余命 (heikin’yomei): life expectancy



kangaenakatta. iya, kangaeru yoyuu ga nakatta.
I didn’t think about it. No, I didn’t have time to think about it.

da toshitara nan da to iu no. yokei na osewa deshou.
What if I have? Is it any of your business?

heikin yomei ni kanshite, nihon wa sekai o riido shite ita. kyouiku no bun’ya ni oite mo, senjin o kitte ita.
In terms of life expectancy, Japan led the world. In education, too, it was ahead of the field.

amatta tochi o motsu to iu kouun ni megumarete inai byouin ni fukouhei da.
It’s somehow unfair on those hospitals which do not have the good fortune to have surplus land.

jeison wa, amerika de sabaki o nogaremashita. da ga, kare no yuuzai ni gimon no yochi wa arimasen.
Jason had escaped justice in America. There was no question as to his guilt.

tsuzuite okotta ano sawagi ni magirete, kannuki o kakeru dake no yoyuu wa, fujin ni wa tappuri atta hazu desu.
In the ensuing confusion she would have had ample opportunity to shoot the bolt across.

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