Learn one Kanji a day with infographic: 世 (se)

Learn one Kanji a day with infographic: 世 (se)

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generation, world, society, public


On: sei, se, sou
Kun: yo



世 (yo): world, society, age, generation
世界 (sekai): the world, society
世代 (sedai): generation, the world, the age
世々 (yoyo): hereditary, for generations
世紀 (seiki): century, era
二世 (nisei): second generation
世論 (yoron): public opinion
世間 (seken): world, society
世銀 (segin): World Bank
出世 (shusse): success in life, successful career
後世 (kousei): posterity, future life
世相 (sesou): phase of life, sign of the times
世襲 (seshuu): heredity, heritage
近世 (kinsei): modern times, recent times
一世 (issei): a lifetime, a generation
中世 (chuusei): Middle Ages, medieval times
世俗 (sezoku): common customs, vulgar, popular
世評 (sehyou): reputation, public opinion
世帯 (setai): household, home, family
世話 (sewa): looking after, help, aid
千代 (sendai): thousand years, very long period, forever
あの世 (ano yo): the other world, world of the dead
お世辞 (oseji): flattery, compliment
世界的 (sekaiteki): global, international, world-famous
当世風 (touseifuu): latest, up-to-date
全世界 (zensekai): the whole world
世界一 (sekaiichi): best in the world
世界観 (sekaikan): world view
世帯主 (setainushi): head of the family
世話人 (sewanin): sponsor, manager, agent
世の中 (yo no naka): society, the world
世間話 (sekenbanashi): gossip, chat
前世紀 (zenseiki): last century, ancient times
世紀末 (seikimatsu): end of a century
新世界 (shinsekai): a new world
救世主 (kyuuseishu): saviour, messiah
世界銀行 (sekaiginkou): World Bank
世界大戦 (sekaitaisen): the World War



kare ga katsuyaku shita sekai wa kako no mono ni naritsutsu atta.
The world in which he had flourished was becoming a thing of the past.

watashitachi wa minna, sehyou no hidoi arashi no naka de kurashite ita.
We all lived in a blast of publicity.

ningen wa juugo seiki made, heisateki de kakuri sareta sekai ni sunde ita.
Until the fifteenth century, humans lived in self-enclosed, sequestered worlds.

kare no koudai na yashiki wa haiiro no rengazukuri de, touseifuu ni shiro penki no fuchidori ga shite atta.
His large house was built of gray bricks stylishly outlined in white paint.

kou shita kekka ga, shouri koso wa sunawachi heiwa de aru to iu seken ippan no nezuyoi gensou o fukitobashite shimatta.
The outcome dispelled the persistent popular illusion that victory spelt peace.

sekai no jinkou no hanbun, zensekai de zatto sanjuu oku no hito wa, ichinichi nidoru miman de kurashite iru.
Half of the world’s population, roughly three billion people around the world are living on less than two dollars a day.

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