JLPT N4 Kanji List

This is the list of Kanji characters you need to learn for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test level N4. Click on each character for more details.

悪 (aku): bad, evil

安 (an): relax, cheap

場 (ba): location, place

売 (bai): sell

買 (bai): buy

勉 (ben): strive, make effort

別 (betsu): separate

文 (bun): sentence, literature

物 (butsu): thing, object

病 (byou): ill, sick

茶 (cha): tea

着 (chaku): arrive, wear

地 (chi): ground, earth

知 (chi): know, wisdom

朝 (chou): morning, dynasty

町 (chou): town, village

鳥 (chou): bird, chicken

注 (chuu): pour, concentrate on

昼 (chuu): daytime, noon

代 (dai): substitute, change

題 (dai): topic, subject

台 (dai): pedestal, a stand

田 (den): rice field

度 (do): degrees

同 (dou): same, equal

動 (dou): move, motion

道 (dou): road-way, course

堂 (dou): public chamber, hall

映 (ei): reflection

英 (ei): England, hero

駅 (eki): station

不 (fu): negative, non-

服 (fuku): clothing, obey

風 (fuu): wind, style

言 (gen): say, word

元 (gen): beginning, origin

銀 (gin): silver

魚 (gyo): fish

業 (gyou): business

牛 (gyuu): cow

飯 (han): meal, boiled rice

発 (hatsu): departure, discharge

品 (hin): goods, article

歩 (ho): walk

方 (hou): direction

意 (i): idea, mind

以 (i): by means of

医 (i): doctor, medicine

員 (in): employee, member

院 (in): institution

飲 (in): drink

事 (ji): matter, thing

自 (ji): oneself

持 (ji): hold, have

字 (ji): character, letter

重 (juu): heavy, important

住 (juu): dwell, reside

家 (ka): home, family

歌 (ka): song, sing

花 (ka): flower

夏 (ka): summer

会 (kai): meeting

開 (kai): open, unfold

界 (kai): world, boundary

海 (kai): sea, ocean

画 (kaku): picture

館 (kan): building

漢 (kan): Sino-, China

計 (kei): plot, plan

兄 (kei): elder brother

建 (ken): build

犬 (ken): dog

研 (ken): polish, study of

験 (ken): verification, effect

起 (ki): rouse, wake up

帰 (ki): homecoming, arrive at

近 (kin): near, early

古 (ko): old

黒 (koku): black

公 (kou): public, official

考 (kou): consider, think over

口 (kou): mouth

広 (kou): wide, broad

工 (kou): craft, construction

空 (kuu): empty, sky

去 (kyo): gone, past

京 (kyou): capital

強 (kyou): strong


教 (kyou): teach, faith

急 (kyuu): hurry, sudden

究 (kyuu): research, study

妹 (mai): younger sister

味 (mi): flavor, taste

明 (mei): bright, light

目 (moku): eye, look

問 (mon): question, ask

無 (mu): nothingness, none

肉 (niku): meat

屋 (oku): roof, house

音 (on): sound, noise

楽 (raku): music, comfort

理 (ri): logic, reason

立 (ritsu): stand up

旅 (ryo): trip, travel

料 (ryou): fee, materials

力 (ryoku): power, strength

作 (saku): make, build

世 (se): generation, world

正 (sei): correct, justice

青 (sei): blue, green

赤 (seki): red

夕 (seki): evening

切 (setsu): cut, cutoff

社 (sha): company, firm

者 (sha): person, someone

写 (sha): copy, be photographed

借 (shaku): borrow, rent

思 (shi): think

使 (shi): use, envoy

紙 (shi): paper

死 (shi): death, die

私 (shi): private, me

始 (shi): begin, commence

止 (shi): stop, halt

試 (shi): test, try

仕 (shi): attend, doing

姉 (shi): elder sister

新 (shin): new

心 (shin): heart, mind

真 (shin): true, reality

親 (shin): parent, intimacy

質 (shitsu): substance, quality

室 (shitsu): room, chamber

色 (shoku): color

少 (shou): few, little

手 (shu): hand

主 (shu): lord, chief

春 (shun): springtime, spring

集 (shuu): gather, meet

終 (shuu): end, finish

週 (shuu): week

秋 (shuu): autumn

習 (shuu): learn

足 (soku): leg, be sufficient

送 (sou): escort, send

早 (sou): early, fast

走 (sou): run

多 (ta): many, much

体 (tai): body, object

待 (tai): wait, depend on

貸 (tai): lend

弟 (tei): younger brother

転 (ten): revolve, turn around

店 (ten): store, shop

特 (toku): special

答 (tou): solution, answer

冬 (tou): winter

通 (tsuu): pass through

運 (un): carry, luck

野 (ya): plains, field

夜 (ya): night, evening

用 (you): utilize, use

洋 (you): sea, Western style

曜 (you): weekday

有 (yuu): possess, have

族 (zoku): tribe, family

図 (zu): map, drawing


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