Learn JLPT N5 Vocabulary: 忙しい (isogashii)

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Kana: いそがしい
Kanji: 忙しい
Romaji: isogashii

Type: adjective-i

Meaning: busy; occupied

Example sentences:

are kara nan no renraku mo nai keredo, kitto renshuu de isogashii no ne.
You haven’t been in touch with me since then. You must be busy practicing.

isogashii node, dare nimo aimasen.
I’m busy so I won’t meet anyone.

Learn JLPT N5 Vocabulary: 忙しい (isogashii)

shigoto de shinu hodo isogashii hazu no otoko da.
He must be a very busy man.

yuushoku no shitaku de isogashii noni, konna tokoro de nani abura utten no yo.
We’re busy preparing for dinner! What are you wasting time here for?

Similar words:

ビジー (bijii); 多忙 (tabou)

Meaning in other languages:

Chinese: 忙 (máng)
Korean: 바쁘다 (bappeuda)

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