Learn JLPT N4 Vocabulary: 止める (yameru)

Learn JLPT N4 Vocabulary: 止める (yameru)

Kana: やめる
Kanji: 止める
Romaji: yameru

Type: Verb

Meaning: to stop (an activity); to cease; to discontinue; to end; to quit; to cancel; to give up; to put an end to

Example sentences:

yamenasai, anatatachi. yoru to sawaru to kenka bakari.
Stop it, you two. You always fight whenever you see each other.

baka na koto wa yamete choudai.
Stop doing stupid things.


止める (yameru)

yakusha mo konai nante. kore ja shibai o yameru shika arimasen.
The actors are not coming. We have no choice but to cancel the play.

kanojo ga iku tte ieba boku wa yamemasen.
I won’t stop her if she wants to go.

Similar words:

止む (yamu); 押さえる (osaeru)

Meaning in other languages:

Chinese: 停止 (tíngzhǐ)
Korean: 그만두다 (geumanduda)


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