Learn JLPT N4 Grammar: と~と, どちらが (to ~ to, dochira ga)

Learn Japanese Grammar JLPT N4 Flashcard

Meaning: which one…


Noun 1 + と + Noun 2 + とどちらが
Verb phrase 1 + と + Verb phrase 2 + とどちらが

Example sentences:

supootsu o suru no to, miru no to dochira ga suki desu ka.
Which do you prefer, playing sports or watching it?


konno daigaku to ano daigaku to dochira ga ii desu ka.
Which university is better, this one or that one?

basu to densha to dochira ga hayai desu ka.
Which is faster, bus or train?

koohii to koucha to dochira ni nasaimasu ka.
What would you like to drink, coffee or black tea?

nihongo to eigo to dochira ga muzukashii desu ka.
Which language is more difficult, Japanese or English?

kare no kao to booru to dochira ga akai ka hantei ga muzukashikatta.
It was hard to tell which one is redder, his face or the ball.


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