Learn JLPT N4 Grammar: それでも (sore demo)

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Meaning: but still; and yet; even so


Phrase 1 + それでも + Phrase 2

Example sentences:

“I haven’t seen her in three years.” “Still you are married to her.”
sannenkan mo kanojo ni atte imasen. sore demo kimi wa sono onna to kekkon shite irun da yo.


And yet she loved me.
sore demo kanojo wa watashi o aishite wa ita no desu.


Haruka’s lips trembled and the tears came to her eyes, but she hid these signs with a forced gayety and went on chattering.
haruka wa kuchibiru ga furueme ni namida ga ukanda. sore demo, muri ni kaikatsu sa o yosootte, sore o osaete oshaberi o tsuzuketa.


She tried to concentrate on her food, but her hands shook and her face was starting to burn with anger.
kanojo wa taberu koto ni shuuchuu shiyou to shita. sore demo te wa furue, kao wa ikari de hoteri hajimeta.


If he resists, I shall come and fetch him.
sore demo goujou o haru you nara, kocchi kara hippari ni iku kara.


The bewilderment remained until I told them why the match interested me.
mina, sore demo mada fushigisou ni shite iru node, naze kono shiai o omoshiroi to omotta no kamo setsumei shita.



While every human being is unique, there are still broad age-related trends.
ningen wa mina yuniiku na sonzai dewa aru ga, sore demo nenrei ni yoru keikou o oomaka ni sueru koto ga dekiru.


She realised, too, that even running away was perhaps impossible now. Ten minutes later, however, she was considerably reassured.
osoraku, ima dewa mou kare kara nigedasu wake ni wa ikumai to iu koto mo kanojo ni wa wakatte ita. sore demo, juppon mo suru to, sono kanojo mo me ni miete anshin shita you datta.


Still, it gives me small comfort to think that my eight-year-old daughter loves me enough to overlook my shortcomings.
sore demo, watashi no itaranai tokoro o oome ni mite kureru kurai hassai no musume ga ai shite kurete iru no ka to omou to, chiisa na nagusame o kanjita.


Still, as I got older I came to recognize how hard it had been for my mother and grandmother to raise us without a strong male presence in the house. I felt as well the mark that a father’s absence can leave on a child.
sore demo, otona ni naru ni tsure, tsuyoi otoko no inai ie de watashitachi o sodateru koto ga donna ni taihen datta ka ga rikai dekiru you ni natta. chichioya no fuzai ga kodomo ni donna tsumeato o nokosu ka mo da.


He had thrown up everything, his career, me, and even then she had no mercy on him, but of set purpose she made his ruin complete.
shusse no michi mo, watakushi mo nagesutete shimatta noni, sore demo mada ano onna wa, kare o ki no doku to mo omowanaide, waza to kare ni todome o sashite shimatta no desu wa.



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