Learn JLPT N2 Vocabulary: 付き合う (tsukiau)

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Kana: つきあう
Kanji: 付合う / 付き合う
Romaji: tsukiau

Type: verb

Meaning: to associate with; to keep company with; to go out with; to get on with

Example sentences:

tsukiatteru hito wa inai kedo, suki na hito ga iru tte.
She said she’s not going out with anyone, but she does like someone.

付き合う (tsukiau)

watashi wa kanojo to juunenkan mo tsukiatte kita.
I went out with her for 10 years.

donna otoko no ko to tsukiatte mo, anata no koto bakari kangaeta.
I only thought about you when I went out with other guys.

Similar words:

交わる (majiwaru)

Meaning in other languages:

Chinese: 来往 (láiwǎng)
Korean: 교제하다 (gyojehada)

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