Learn JLPT N2 Grammar: てこそ (te koso)

Learn Japanese Grammar JLPT N2 Flashcard

Meaning: now that/since (something has happened)


Verb-てform + こそ

Example sentences:

otagai ni socchoku hanashiatte koso rikai shiaeru no desu.
It’s only when you talk openly with each other that you will reach mutual understanding.


kaiwa wa, aite ga sanka shite kurete koso seiritsu shimasu.
A conversation can only happen when two people engage in it.

oya ni natte koso, oya no kurou ya kimochi ga wakaru mono da.
Only after you have your own child can you understand how difficult it is to raise one.

sono kuni de seikatsu shite koso bunka ga wakaru to iu mono da.
It’s only when you live in that country that you’ll understand its culture.

shachou ni natte koso, shachou no kurou ga wakaru.
Now that I’ve become a company president, I realize the difficulties of being one.

Similar grammar:

からこそ (kara koso): precisely because
こそ (koso): for sure, precisely
ばこそ (ba koso): only because

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