Learn JLPT N1 Vocabulary: 企む (takuramu)

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Kana: たくらむ
Kanji: 企む
Romaji: takuramu

Type: verb

Meaning: to scheme; to plan; to play a trick; to invent; to conspire; to frame up

Example sentences:

damasarecha dame yo. nani takuranderu ka wakaranai kara.
Don’t be fooled! There’s no telling what he’s planning!

omae wa, chaarii ga bouhen o takuranderu no o shitteta no ka.
You were aware of Charlie being engaged in a conspiracy?

企む (takuramu)

ura de nani o takurande irun desu.
What could you have had up your sleeve?

yamada de are dare de are, nani o takurande iyou ga, ki ni shite iru yoyuu ga nai.
I don’t have much time to fret about what Yamada or anyone else might be up to.

Similar words:

目論む (mokuromu); 謀る (hakaru)

Meaning in other languages:

Chinese: 策划 (cèhuà)
Korean: 꾀하다 (kkoehada)

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