Learn JLPT N1 Grammar: ばそれまでだ (ba sore made da)

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Meaning: if… then it’s over


Verb-ばconditional + それまでだ

Example sentences:

kono kikai wa mizu ni yowai. mizu ga kakareba sore made da.
This machine is not water-resistant. It will be broken if you spill water on it.

donna ni utsukushii hana demo, chitte shimaeba sore made da.
No matter how beautiful flowers are, when they start to scatter it’s over.

Similar grammar:

までもない (made mo nai): it’s not necessary to
に至るまで (ni itaru made): until, as far as
ないまでも (nai made mo): even if something isn’t done
てまで (te made): even

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