Learn JLPT N1 Grammar: にもほどがある (nimo hodo ga aru)

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Meaning: to have a limit; to go too far


Verb-dictionary form + にもほどがある
Noun + にもほどがある
いadj + にもほどがある
なadj + にもほどがある

Example sentences:

joudan nimo hodo ga aru.
You carry your joke too far.

nasakenai nimo hodo ga aru zo.
There’s a limit to how pathetic you can get.

tochuu de shigoto o nagedasu nante, musekinin nimo hodo ga aru.
You can’t just give up on a job halfway through. There’s a limit to how irresponsible you can be.

zuuzuushii nimo hodo ga aru.
There’s a limit to how shameless one can be.

Similar grammar:

恐れがある (osore ga aru): there are fears that
ものがある (mono ga aru): sentence-ending expression of strong judgement
嫌いがある (kirai ga aru): to have a tendency to
可能性がある (kanousei ga aru): there’s a possibility that

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