Learn JLPT N1 Grammar: ではすまない (dewa sumanai)

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Meaning: it doesn’t end with just…


Noun + ではすまない/ではすまされない
Verb-casual + ではすまない/ではすまされない

Example sentences:

I don’t know what you think you’re doing, but it’s going to cost you one hell of a lot more than your job.
dou iu tsumori ka shiranai ga, anata wa menshoku dokoro dewa sumanai zo.


He’s the section chief, how could he not know about such an important thing?
kachou de aru ijou, sonna daiji na koto o shiranakatta dewa sumasarenai darou.


The incident turned what had hitherto been nervousness into real panic.
kono jiken de, kore made no you ni tannaru fuankan dewa sumanaku nari, panikku joutai ga okotta.


Now again, as each time before, she kept saying to herself, that things cannot go on like this, that she must take some step to punish her husband, put him to shame, avenge on him some little part at least of the suffering he had caused her.
kono toki mo kanojo wa, mae no toki to onaji you ni, dou shite mo kono mama made wa sumasarenai, nan demo ii, otto o basshi hazukashimete, kare ga kanojo ni ataeta kutsuu no, yoshi manbun no ichi o demo, namesaseru dake no koto wa shinakereba naranu to jibun ni itte ita.



Learn JLPT N1 Grammar: ではすまない (dewa sumanai)

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The dinner was first rate, and the boat race, and it was all pleasant enough, but in Moscow they can never do anything without something odd.
shokuji wa suteki datta shi, bootoreesu mo omoshirokatta shi, nanimo kamo kanari yukai datta yo. da ga, mosukuwa to iu tokoro wa, okashi na koto nashi dewa sumanai tokoro da ne.


It was obvious to all now that the enemies were far from cowardly and that it would take more than one victory to conquer them.
imaya, teki ga koshinuke ni wa hodo tooku, datou suru ni wa isshou dokoro dewa sumanai no ga meihaku datta.



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