Learn JLPT N1 Grammar: てやまない (te yamanai)

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Meaning: always; never stop; can’t help but


Verb-てform + やまない

Example sentences:

It’s amazing how she always work hard and never give in. I sincerely wish for her success.
ooku no konnan nimo makezu, doryoku o tsuzukete iru kanojo wa subarashii. watashi wa kanojo no seikou o negatte yamanai.


Parents always have high expectation for their kids’ future.
oya wa kodomo no shourai o kitai shite yamanai mono da.


While she controlled herself, she could not refrain from questioning the doctor.
jibun o osae nagara mo, kanojo wa isha ni iroiro na koto o tazunete yamanakatta.


I’ll always wish for your happiness.
anata no shiawase o negatte yamimasen.


I’ll always regret not telling her my true feelings.
naze kanojo ni hontou no kimochi o shoujiki ni oshiete agenakatta no ka to koukai shite yamanai.


I’ll never stop praying for her happiness even though we’re no longer together.
wakarete ite mo, kanojo no koufuku o kokoro yori inotte yamanai.


Japanese Grammar: てやまない (te yamanai)

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We’ll never stop wishing for world peace.
wareware wa sekai heiwa no jitsugen o negatte yamanai.


It’s been 10 years since my mother passed away but my father has never stopped loving her.
haha ga shinde juunen ijou tatsu noni, chichi wa mada haha o aishite yamanai.



Spouting jets of magma with ground-rumbling explosive sounds, this volcano continues to captivate many people as a place to feel with one’s entire body the wondrous power of the earth.
jihibiki no you na bakuhatsuon o hibikasenagara maguma o fukiageru, chikyuu no kyuoi o zenshin de kanjirareru kono kazan wa, ooku no hitobito o miryou shite yamanai.


Women feel just as men feel. They need exercise for their faculties, and a field for their efforts, as much as men do.
josei ni mo dansei to onaji kanjou ga ari, dansei shoshi to onaji you ni, mizukara no sainou o ikasaneba naranai shi, hataraki gai no aru ba o motomete yamanai.


Her face is more than beautiful to me. It is full of an interest, an influence that quite masters me.
boku ni wa, kanojo no kao wa utsukushii to iu ijou no mono da. soko ni wa miryoku to inryoku ga afure, boku o attou shite yamanai.


Because it paid off for our ancestors, our modern brains still come equipped with a well-preserved instinct to crave fat and sweets.
tooi sosen no yaku ni tatte ita to iu riyuu de, watashitachi gendaijin no nou ni wa, shibou to toubun o motomete yamanai, taiko kara no honnou ga ima da ni sonawatte imasu.


Of course Sasaki would insist on trying to be mysterious about the whole thing.
muron sasaki wa sono tenmatsu ni tsuite rei ni yotte nazomekashita kangae o shuchou shite yamanai.


Similar grammar:

しかない (shika nai): to have no choice but
を禁じ得ない (o kinjienai): can’t refrain from
よりほかない (yori hoka nai): to have no choice but
ずにはいられない (zu ni wa irarenai): can’t help but feel/do
を余儀なくされる (o yoginaku sareru): to be forced to do something


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