Learn JLPT N1 Grammar: そうにもない (sou nimo nai)

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Meaning: impossible; unlikely


Verb-ますstem + そうにもない

Example sentences:

I am convinced that I am the last woman in the world who could make you happy.
watashi wa, anata o koufuku ni dekisou nimo nai onna da to zonjite orimasu.


She just lied there in bed. Flaying and scalping would not have wakened her.
kanojo wa beddo ni nesobette ite, kawa o haidatte okisou ni mo nakatta.


It doesn’t seem likely, though, does it?
demo, sonna koto, arisou nimo nai deshou.


I had various affairs to see to in America that I felt could only be successful if a personal touch was introduced.
amerika niwa, watashi jishin ga te o tsukenakereba, umaku yukisou nimo nai to omou youji ga, iroiro to atta.


Judging from his characteristic, there’s no way he would have done it.
kare no seikaku kara ieba, sonna koto wa shisou ni mo nai no desu.


At the moment you’re not fit to be your own guardian.
ima kimi wa jibun de jibun o kanshi dekisou nimo nai yo.


Japanese Grammar: そうにもない (sou nimo nai)

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Her face looked so peaceful, so incredibly remote from violence.
kanojo no kao wa, hidoku onwa na, bouryoku nado towa, oyoso kankei nado arisou nimo nai kao o shite ita.



I will by no means spend a night on one of those wide and heavy beds.
kono haba no hiroi, dosshiri shita beddo no dore ka de ichiya o sugoshite mitai to iu ki ni hanaresou ni mo nai.


She seemed dearer to me than ever. I felt as if I could not let her go.
kanojo ga, kore hodo itooshiku omowareta koto wa naku, tebanasu koto nado dekisou ni mo nakatta.


I pondered the mystery a minute or two, and found it insolvable, and I was certain it could not be of much importance.
watashi wa, kono nazo meita ikken o ichi, nifunkan, kangaete mita ga, kaiketsu dekisou ni mo nai ue, sore hodo taishita koto de mo aru mai to omotta.


I suppose I might as well tell you the truth. Hideo isn’t likely to hold his tongue about it.
sukkari ohanashi shichatta hou ga yosasou desu ne. douse hideo wa damatte isou ni mo nai kara naa.


Perfectly, perfectly. On the face of it, highly improbable.
mattaku, mattaku. gaiken kara handan sureba, totemo arisou ni mo nai koto desu.


Similar grammar:

そうにない (sou ni nai): extremely unlikely to
そうもない (sou mo nai): very unlikely to
(よ)うにも~ない (you nimo~nai): even if one tries to
ようがない (you ga nai): there is no way…


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