Learn JLPT N1 Grammar: およそ (oyoso)

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Meaning: totally; utterly; (not) at all; roughly; about


およそ + Verb-ないform
およそ + Noun

Example sentences:

I say it is absurd. It is the nonsense!
bakarashii to iun desu. oyoso muimi desu.


It would be impossible to sort out all the footsteps.
koko ni nokotte iru ashiato no nushi o zenbu araidasu nante, oyoso fukanou na koto desu yo.


I’ve a pretty shrewd idea where he is.
watashi wa kare ga doko ni kakurete iru ka, oyoso no kentou ga tsuite iru no yo.


There was a little delay so it took us about five minutes to find the bottle.
bin o sagasu no ni sukoshi temadorimashita node oyoso gofunkan mo kakarimashita.


There is nothing in which deduction is so necessary as in religion.
oyoso kono yo ni shuukyou hodo suiri o hitsuyou to suru mono wa arimasen.


About a hundred taxis stood waiting outside the station.
eki no soto wa oyoso hyakudai no takushii ga matte ita.


On average, there are between one and two million bankruptcy cases every year in the United States.
zenbei de maitoshi, oyoso hyaku man ken kara nihyaku man ken no tousan ga aru.


About a week later he reversed himself and called for a UN vote on the Goldstone Report.
oyoso isshuukan go, kare wa zengen o tekkai shi, goorudosutoon houkoku ni tsuite kokuren de no saiketsu o motometa.



Learn JLPT N1 Grammar: およそ (oyoso)

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One week of television advertising in the Chicago media market would cost approximately half a million dollars.
shikago no media shijou de terebi houkoku o isshuukan utsu ni wa oyoso gojuu man doru ga hitsuyou ni naru.


In the wake of defeat, approximately 6.5 million Japanese were stranded in Asia and the Pacific Ocean area.
haisen no ato, oyoso roppyaku gojuu mannin no nihonjin ga ajia to taiheiyou no kakuchi ni torinokosarete ita.


It was hard to measure distance or time in those moments when the enemy was striking with such force, but Peter thought his convoy got about four or five hundred meters down the road before the they opened up.
teki ga daikibo kougeki o shikakete kita toki wa kyori mo jikan mo keisoku dekinakatta ga, yusoutai wa sore made ni michi o oyoso yon, gohyaku meetoru susunde ita to piitaa wa omotta.


The capture here of a further 14,000 Italians and eighty eight guns brought the total bag to nearly 40,000 prisoners and 400 guns.
koko de shuchuu ni shita itariagun horyo ichiman yonsen mei to hou hachijuu hachi mon o kuwaeru to, kore made no senka wa oyoso horyo yonman mei, hou yonhyaku mon ni nobotta.


Fierce struggles took place among the Communists and the radical and moderate Socialists before the party succeeded in asserting its control over roughly two-thirds of organized labor.
kyousantou to, shakaitou saha to uha to no aida de mitsudomoe no kyouretsu na shudouken arasoi ga kurihirogerareta ga, saishuuteki ni wa kyousantou ga roudousha soshiki no oyoso sanbun no ni o shouaku shita.


The total value of goods involved was estimated to be roughly 100 billion yen—and these materials, too, quickly disappeared almost without a trace.
sono soukachi wa oyoso sen oku’en to mitsumorareta ga, korera no shisan mo sugu ni hotondo atokata mo naku kieuseta.



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