Learn JLPT N5 Vocabulary: 後 (ato)

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Kana: あと
Kanji: 後
Romaji: ato

Type: noun; adverb

Meaning: behind; rear; after; later; past; previous

Example sentences:

isogashii node, atode hirugohan o tabemasu.
I’m busy so I’ll eat lunch later.

ato ippun shika nai.
We only have one minute left.

Learn JLPT N5 Vocabulary: 後 (ato)

jigoku no ato niwa tengoku no kaen ga matte ita nante. kami wa ore o misutete nakatta.
I can’t believe that heaven was waiting for me after the hell I went through. God didn’t forsake me.

sono ato wa, mou asoko ni ikanai hou ga ii to omottan da.
I thought I’d better not go there after that.

Similar words:

後ろ (ushiro)

Meaning in other languages:

Chinese: 后 (hòu)
Korean: 뒤 (dwi)

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