Learn JLPT N5 Vocabulary: 頼む (tanomu)

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Kana: たのむ
Kanji: 頼む
Romaji: tanomu

Type: verb

Meaning: to request; to beg; to ask; to call; to entrust

Example sentences:

tanomu, ore o tasukete kure.
I beg you, please save me.

mou kimi ni shika tanomenai.
You’re the only one I can count on.

頼む Verb Conjugation

Infographic: conjugation of Japanese verb 頼む. Click on image to view full size.

josei ni kuchi o tojite oke to tanomu nowa muri na soudan da towa omou.
I suppose that asking a woman to keep her mouth shut is asking the impossible.

sou ie to kare ni tanomareta na.
Bet he asked you to say that!

watashi ga tanomeba, mochiron kare no issho ni kite kureru deshou.
He would come with me of course, if I asked him.

Similar words:

願う (negau); 求める (motomeru)

Meaning in other languages:

Chinese: 请求 (qǐngqiú)
Korean: 부탁하다 (butaghada)

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