Learn JLPT N2 Vocabulary: 特定 (tokutei)

Learn JLPT N2 Vocabulary: 特定 (tokutei)

Kana: とくてい
Kanji: 特定
Romaji: tokutei

Type: のadjective
Meaning: specific, particular, designated, special, specifying, designating, identifying, pinpointing
JLPT level: N2

Example sentences:

joojia kouka daigaku wa, kou shita hiroi bun’ya ni te o tsukete, tokutei no katei o sousetsu shita.
Georgia Tech’s College of Computing has picked up on these broad themes and has translated them into specific courses.

inoue no keitai denwa no gyaku tanchi wa, basho o tokutei dekiru mae ni togirete shimatta.
My trace on Inoue’s cell phone went dead before we got a location.

特定 (tokutei)

subete no roudousha wa chingin no taishou to naru ippan sukiru to tokutei sukiru o yuu shite iru. shigoto o kaeru to, doko made ga ippan sukiru de, doko kara ga tokutei sukiru de aru ka ga, sugu ni wakaru.
The way to think about this, he explained, is that every worker has general skills and specific skills for which he or she is paid, and when you switch jobs you quickly discover which is which.

ano tegami wa minna, aru hitotsu no tokutei no kikai de utta mono desu yo.
All those letters were typed by one particular machine.

Meaning in other languages:

Chinese: 特定 (tèdìng)
Korean: 특정 (teugjeong)

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