Learn JLPT N2 Vocabulary: 指定 (shitei)

Learn JLPT N2 Vocabulary: 指定 (shitei)

Kana: してい
Kanji: 指定
Romaji: shitei

Type: Noun, するverb
Meaning: designation, specification, assignment, appointment, pointing at
JLPT level: N2

Example sentences:

shitei sareta sono machi ni wa, sukoshi wa kyoukou ga okoru deshou.
It will make a bit of a panic in the particular town named.

kare no shitei shita satsujin no hi wa, nijuugonichi dattarou.
Did he give the date of the murder as the 25th?

指定 (shitei)

daitai hoteru made shitei sare, soko e nokonoko dete ittara, aite no omou tsubo de wa…
They’ve even specified which hotel to stay in. If you go and make a spectacle of yourself, you’ll be playing right into their hands.

iya, basho ga shitei sareta nara, gyaku ni saku o tateyasui to raitokun wa itte irun daro.
No, since they specified where to go, Light is saying that it makes it easier for us to come up with a plan.

Meaning in other languages:

Chinese: 指定 (zhǐdìng)
Korean: 지정 (jijeong)

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