Learn JLPT N1 Vocabulary: 交渉 (koushou)

Learn JLPT N1 Vocabulary: 交渉 (koushou)

Kana: こうしょう
Kanji: 交渉
Romaji: koushou

Type: Noun, するverb, のadjective
Meaning: negotiations, discussions, connection
JLPT level: N1

Example sentences:

senshuu mo mihon’ichi, uchi no buusu wa daichuumoku deshita. sude ni suuken, ooguchi no shinkei’yaku no koushou ga shinkouchuu desu.
Our booth at last week’s trade fair attracted considerable interest. We’ve already got a couple of big new deals in the sideline.

kare wa wareware no moto keieijin ni iyaki ga sashi, issai no koushou o kobande iru.
He’s disgusted with our former management and has refused to deal with us.

交渉 (koushou)

kare ga sono toki chichioya to tegami de koushou suru koto nado shite miyou to mo omowanakatta.
He did not even attempt to communicate with his father.

Although the negotiations went quickly, the final details were not finished until hours before Nakada’s speech in Kyoto.

Meaning in other languages:

Chinese: 谈判 (tánpàn)
Korean: 교섭 (gyoseob)

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