How do you find a part-time job in Japan?

When you think your Japanese is good enough, you can start looking for a part-time job (arubaito) now. Where to start? The first place you should start looking is Townwork magazine. It’s a free magazine that you can get anywhere in Japan: in conbini (convenience store), at the station, etc. Rememer there are two types of Townwork magazine. The one with yellow cover is for those who are looking for a part-time job (アルバイト). The one with blue cover is for those who are looking for job in a company (社員). They also have a website The jobs are sorted by districts, so you can look for jobs available in your area. The Townwork magazine is very popular, so most jobs listed in there will be filled very fast. Make sure you are quick enough and good enough to get the job before others. You should use the website instead of the magazine, it’s more updated and easy to search. Another good website to look for a part-time job is

A less competing place to look is nowhere other than your own neighborhood. Take a little time to walk around the area where you live and pay close attention, you’ll see that a lot of places are hiring. They’ll put an ad on the door or window for customers or passerby to see. A good thing about finding a job near your house is that it not only benefit you but also the owners of the stores as well. They don’t have to pay for your travelling expenses, and you can go to work very fast. They won’t even have to worry when they ask you to work late at night, because you can just walk home without worrying about the last train. If you have many competitors who live far from the stores, the owners will more likely choose you because you live nearer. Working near your house saves you both time and money, so before looking somewhere else, start with your own neighborhood first.


Looking for a part-time job by yourself might not be easy, especially when you’re still unfamiliar with life in Japan. If you need help finding a job, don’t hesitate to ask your teachers for help. Many schools, especially Japanese Language School have a special team to help students with arubaito. They can introduce you to stores they’re affiliated with. Some schools have minimum requirements, for example you must be at a certain level of Japanese for them to introduce you. Being introduced by your school will guarantee that there’s a 99% you’ll have a job. Even if your school doesn’t have a special team to help students find arubaito, your Japanese teachers are kind enough to sit down with you and help you look for arubaito on the internet. They will even teach you how to write your resume and what to say during the interview. Japanese teachers are very kind and will always be willing to help their students. All you need to do is ask.

Looking for help from your teachers is not enough. The best way to find a job is to ask your friends or seniors (senpai) to introduce you to the stores they are working at. Many stores want to save advertising money and ask their own workers to introduce their friends. Having your friend vouch for you will help you greatly and there’s a near 100% chance of you getting the job. The remaining factor is your own ability. Your friends only introduce you, you still have an interview with the managers and they will be the one who judge and give the final decision.

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