My manga collection: Death Note

Death Note is a very popular Japanese manga series in both Japan and the U.S. The story began when Light Yagami, a high-school student picked up a Death Note and realized that he could kill anyone by just writing that person’s name on it. Light began eliminating criminals all around the world with his note in order to create a world with no evil. The world started calling him “Kira”, which means “killer” in Japanese. Things didn’t go as smoothly as he expected when the world-renowned detective L started collaboration with the police to bring Kira to justice. It didn’t take long for L to suspect that Light Yagami was Kira, and Light had to find his way into L’s task force to get rid of his arch enemy. The mind-blowing fight between L, the good, and Kira, the evil makes Death Note one of the greatest manga of all time!

How to find an apartment in Japan

Settling down in a foreign country has never been easy for anyone, especially when you are unfamiliar with that country’s customs. You might not believe how troublesome this process can be in Japan, because you can’t just pay the rent and start moving in. In this post you’ll find all information you need to know, which I hope will help you save a lot of time and effort in finding a place to settle down in this beautiful country.

Where can you find information about apartments for rent in Japan? The best place is the internet of course! Just type “アパート探し” in Google and you’ll find websites that list hundreds of thousands of apartments for rent. The most popular site is probably ( When you enter this site, you’ll see a page that lists all cities around Japan like this:

How to self-study Japanese effectively

If you are a new Japanese learner and have been asking yourself the same question: “is it really possible to self-study Japanese?”, don’t worry, you’re not the only one. To be honest, I thought it was really insane to think that anyone can learn one of the hardest languages in the world all by themselves without the help of real teachers.

After graduating from college, I decided to challenge myself with this tough goal, and I actually achieved it (in some way). I passed the Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level N2 after 1 year of full-time self-studying, only to realize that it was not THAT big of an achievement as I thought it would have been. I’ll go into details about that later, but first let me tell you exactly how I learned Japanese all by myself and passed the JLPT N2 with the score of 97/180 (the passing mark is 90).

Is it hard to make friends with Japanese people?

If you are a foreigner who just starts a new life in Japan, you will find yourself lonely in a completely new country and new society. The first thing you want to do is to make friends, with as many people as possible. Making friends with Japanese people not only make you less lonely, it also help you improve your Japanese. How and where do you find Japanese friends? Are they hard to make friends with?

Let me tell you a story of an American friend of mine. He was drunk and fell asleep on a bench in the park. A Japanese couple found him and rushed to him to see if he was okay. They invited him to a restaurant to have breakfast and paid for his meal (he didn’t have a cent on him). They spent hours talking and he said that it was the longest time he ever spoke Japanese. And they were two strangers he met in a park.

Buying ¥100 clothes at flea markets

Many people think that clothes in Japan are too expensive. You can go to cheap stores like H&M, but they might not have what you need. If you have limited budget and are in need of buying new clothes, you should check out flea markets.

Flea markets are open markets where people can sell their own stuff that they don’t need anymore. Many people don’t want to just throw their stuff away so they sell it to other with cheap prices. The benefit of this is the seller can earn a little money from unused stuff and the buyer gets what they need for a much cheaper price than buying a new one. The product quality varies because it depends on the sellers. However, most Japanese people treat their belongings very carefully so you can buy a lot of stuff that are as good as new.