Phrase Translation Easy Quiz 05

1. 父は病気です。(ちちはびょうきです)
My father is strict.
My father is strong.
My father is sick.
My father is fine.

2. すみません。
Excuse me.
And you?

3. お名前は何ですか?(おなまえはなんですか)
What’s this?

How old are you?
Where are you from?
What’s your name?

4. 彼はお金持ちですよ。(かれはおかねもちです)
He’s weak.

He’s tall.
He’s poor.
He’s rich.

5. 彼らは結婚したばかりです。(かれらはけっこんしたばかりです)
They just got married.
They just got engaged.
They just had a baby.
They just got divorced.


6. いいアルバイトを見つけました。(あるばいとをみつけました)
I found a good store.
I found a good book.
I found a good part-time job.
I found a good man.

7. 何を食べたいですか?(なにをたべたいですか)
What are you eating?

What do you want to eat?
What do you usually eat?
What did you eat?

8. 私は疲れています。(わたしはつかれています)
I’m tired.
I’m sad.
I’m old.
I’m serious.

9. 何をしていますか?(なにをしていますか)
What do you do?
What are you doing?
What are you going to do?
What did you do?

10. 自転車を直しました。(じてんしゃをなおしました)
I fixed my bicycle.
I rode my bicycle.
I bought a bicycle.
I borrowed a bicycle.


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