Learn one Kanji a day with infographic: 面 (men)

Learn one Kanji a day with infographic: 面 (men)

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mask, face, features, surface


On: men, ben
Kun: omo, omote, tsura



面 (men): face, mask
面 (omote): surface
面会 (menkai): meeting (face-to-face), interview
面接 (mensetsu): interview (e.g. for a job)
面倒 (mendou): trouble, care, attention
場面 (bamen): scene, setting (of novel)
仮面 (kamen): mask, disguise
地面 (jimen): ground, earth’s surface
全面 (zenmen): whole surface, entire
面積 (menseki): square measure, size, area
半面 (hanmen): oneside, half, the other side
面子 (mentsu): face, honor
正面 (shoumen): frontage, facade
対面 (taimen): opposing, facing, confronting
画面 (gamen): terminal screen, picture
前面 (zenmen): frontage, facade
直面 (chokumen): confrontation
当面 (toumen): current, urgent, pressing
赤面 (sekimen): blushing, embarrassment
方面 (houmen): direction, district
水面 (suimen): water’s surface
反面 (hanmen): on the other hand
側面 (sokumen): side, flank, dimension
表面 (hyoumen): surface, outside
局面 (kyokumen): aspect of an affair, situation
満面 (manmen): the whole face
斜面 (shamen): slope, slanting surface
一面 (ichimen): one face, one surface
両面 (ryoumen): both sides, two sides
面白い (omoshiroi): interesting, fascinating
全面的 (zenmenteki): all-out, over-all, complete
真正面 (mashoumen): directly opposite, right in front
面倒くさい (mendokusai): bothersome, tiresome



mata chikyuu ondanka ni yotte, shizen saigai no hassei hindo ga joushou suru koto mo juubun ni kangaerareru. kono men demo, fuan zairyou ga ikutsu mo aru.
What if global warming is increasing the incidence of natural disasters? Here, too, there are some grounds for unease.

mondai no ryoumen o miru kuse wa ii kagen yametara.
When will you stop seeing both sides of questions?

kore ga watashi ni wa hijou ni omoshiroi no desu. kore wa, arikitari no shigoto dewa nai no desu. richi ni tayoru hoka wa nai shigoto desu.
That, to me, makes the matter very much more interesting. There is no routine work. It is all a matter of the intellect.

mensetsu ga owatte mo, ryoujikanin wa nani mo iimasen. kekka ga wakaru no wa, toujitsu no yoru desu.
After the interview is over, the consulate staff doesn’t tell you anything. You have to wait until the evening to know the result.

taishoku shitara, kuni ga mendou o mite kureru. soshite nakunatta ato wa, fuyou kazoku o yashinatte kureru koto ni naru.
When they retired, the state would pay. And when they finally died, the state would pay their dependants.

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