Learn one Kanji a day with infographic: 遠 (en)

Learn one Kanji a day with infographic: 遠 (en)

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distant, far


On: en, on
Kun: too.i


遠い (tooi): far, distant, far away
遠く (tooku): far away, at a distance
永遠 (eien): eternity, perpetuity, immortality
以遠 (ien): beyond, further than
疎遠 (soen): estrangement, neglect
遠慮 (enryo): constraint, restraint, modesty
遠征 (ensei): expedition, campaign
遠方 (enpou): long way, distant place
敬遠 (keien): keeping at a distance
深遠 (shin’en): profound, deep
遠足 (ensoku): excursion, outing, trip
遠隔 (enkaku): distant, remote, isolated
遠縁 (tooen): distant relative
望遠 (bouen): seeing at a distance
遠洋 (enyou): ocean, deap sea
遠音 (toone): distant sound
遠回り (toomawari): detour, roundabout way
遠距離 (enkyori): long distance
望遠鏡 (bouenkyou): telescope
遠ざける (toozakeru): to keep away, to keep at a distance
遠ざかる (toozakaru): to become more distant, to fade away
遠慮なく (enryo naku): without reservation



kare wa mata, tabitabi inaka no hou e toode o shita.
He also took long walks into the country.

kono poppusu no kashi wa, jitsu no tokoro totemo shin’en da.
The words to this pop song are actually quite profound.

hanron sureba suru hodo shaintachi to soen ni naru dake datta.
Our protestations only alienated us from the employees.

kore wa suusen ki no enshin bunriki o hitsuyou to suru seimitsu de muzukashii purosesu da.
This is a difficult and precise process that requires thousands of centrifuges.

dai haado o hanbun hodo mita tokoro de, ishiki ga toozakatte ita.
I’d been halfway through watching “Die Hard” when my mind had drifted.

enkyori no koueki ya zeikin no shiharai dewa, kansan ga mendou datta.
Any long-distance trade or tax payment was complicated by the need to convert from one currency to another.

eisei keiyu de riarutaimu deeta o jushin shite iru node, joukyou o shikibetsu shi, enjinia ga enkaku shindan o okonau koto ga dekiru.
With the real-time data we receive via satellites, we can identify an event and our engineers can make remote diagnoses.

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