Learn one Kanji a day with infographic: 業 (gyou)

Learn one Kanji a day with infographic: 業 (gyou)

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business, vocation, arts, performance


On: gyou, gou
Kun: waza


業 (waza): deed, act, work, performance
業務 (gyoumu): business, affairs, work, task
企業 (kigyou): enterprise, corporation, undertaking
作業 (sagyou): work, operation, manufacturing
授業 (jugyou): lesson, class work
営業 (eigyou): business, trade, sales
業者 (gyousha): trader, merchant, vendor
業界 (gyoukai): business world, business circles
工業 (kougyou): (manufacturing) industry
産業 (sangyou): industry
操業 (sougyou): operation
残業 (zangyou): overtime (work)
業績 (gyouseki): achievement, performance, result
失業 (shitsugyou): unemployment
農業 (nougyou): agriculture
卒業 (sotsugyou): graduation, completion (of a course)
休業 (kyuugyou): closed (store), business suspended
職業 (shokugyou): occupation
開業 (kaigyou): opening of business or practice
実業 (jitsugyou): industry, business
創業 (sougyou): establishment (of a business)
就業 (shuugyou): employment, starting work
商業 (shougyou): commerce, trade, business
修業 (shuugyou): learning, training
事業 (jigyou): project, business
業種 (gyoushu): type of industry
漁業 (gyogyou): fishing (industry)
大企業 (daikigyou): large company, enterprise
企業家 (kigyouka): entrepreneur, industrialist
自営業 (jieigyou): independent business
従業員 (juugyouin): employee, worker
授業料 (jugyouryou): tuition fee, course fee
中小企業 (chuushoukigyou): small to medium enterprises



sagyou o susumete iru to kuufuku de i ga natta.
As I worked, my empty stomach growled.

kore wa kigyou ni totte wa kakkiteki na koto datta.
This was an important breakthrough for companies.

sore demo mada, kougyouka no hitsuyou ryou ni wa mattaku tarinai.
It has not even begun to reach its capacity for industrialization.

hasan shita omo na gen’in wa jigyou no shippai dewa naku, shakkin no tsumikasane ni yoru mono da.
The principal driver of bankruptcy turns out to be not entrepreneurship but indebtedness.

nisen gojuu nen ni nareba, senshin kougyoukoku no jinkou wa gekiteki na peesu de genshou shite iru hazu da.
By 2050, advanced industrial countries will be losing population at a dramatic rate.

wareware wa igirisu no keiken de, infure wa shitsugyou no gen’in de atte, shitsugyou no daitai ni wa narienai koto o shitte ita ga, subete no kuni ga kono kyoukun o manande ita wake dewa nai.
We had seen in Britain that inflation was a cause of unemployment rather than an alternative to it, but not everyone had learned that lesson.

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