Learn one Kanji a day with infographic: 度 (do)

Learn one Kanji a day with infographic: 度 (do)

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degrees, occurrence, time, counter for occurrences, consider, attitude


On: do, to, taku
Kun: tabi, -ta.i



度 (do): degree
度 (tabi): times
温度 (ondo): temperature
過度 (kado): excess, immoderation
度合 (doai): degree, extent
高度 (koudo): altitude, height
今度 (kondo): now, this time
態度 (taido): attitude, manner
制度 (seido): system, institution
頻度 (hindo): frequency
程度 (teido): degree, amount, grade
限度 (gendo): limit, bounds
再度 (saido): twice, again
角度 (kakudo): angle
密度 (mitsudo): density)
丁度 (choudo): just, right, exactly
一度 (ichido): once, one time
仕度 (shitaku): preparation, arrangements
幾度 (ikudo): (how) many times
年度 (nendo): fiscal year
強度 (kyoudo): strength, intensity
湿度 (shitsudo): level of humidity
震度 (shindo): earthquake scale
速度 (sokudo): speed, rate
精度 (seido): precision, accuracy
濃度 (noudo): concentration, density
一度に (ichido ni): all at once
今年度 (konnendo): this year, this fiscal year
前年度 (zennendo): preceding fiscal year
昨年度 (sakunendo): previous year
目出度い (medetai): happy, auspicious



kanojo wa maigetsu ichido kossori ie o nukedashita.
She sneaked out of the house once a month.

sono teido no kane o shiharaou to suru ningen ga ittai nannin iru.
How many people want to make that investment?

karera wa ido sanjuuhachi do no tokoro de muzousa ni senbiki shita.
They slapped a line across the map at the 38th parallel.

karera wa ga dorei seido ni taishi, kokoro no soko kara ken’okan o idaite ita.
They felt a genuine distaste for the institution of slavery.

kanojo no taido no fu kappatsusa to mukiryokusa to ga, hidoku me ni tsuita.
The heaviness and languor of her manner were very marked.

nenmatsu made ni kono purojekuto o oeru tame ni, wareware wa shigoto no sokudo o ageru hitsuyou ga aru darou.
In order to finish this project by year’s end we’ll need to accelerate.

ayumi wa pasupooto no jouhou o saido nyuuryoku shiyou to shita. meimetsu suru keikoku ga mata hyouji sareta.
I tried entering the passport again. The blinking warning came up again.

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