Learn one Kanji a day with infographic: 健 (ken)

Learn one Kanji a day with infographic: 健 (ken)

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healthy, health, strength, persistence


On: ken
Kun: suko.yaka



健か (shitataka): determined, stubborn
健康 (kenkou): health
保健 (hoken): health preservation
穏健 (onken): quiet, moderate
健全 (kenzen): healthy, sound, wholesome
健在 (kenzai): in good health
健診 (kenshin): medical examination
健闘 (kentou): fighting bravely
健気 (kenage): brave, gallant, manly
剛健 (gouken): vigor, sturdiness
堅実 (kenjitsu): steady, sound, solid
頑健 (ganken): robust health, able-bodied
強健 (kyouken): robust health
健保 (kenpo): health insurance system
健やか (sukoyaka): vigorous, healthy
不健全 (fukenzen): morbid, unhealthy
不健康 (fukenkou): poor health, ill health
健康的 (kenkouteki): hygienic, healthy
健康保険 (kenkou hoken): health insurance
健康食品 (kenkou shokuhin): healthy food


kenjousha nara dare demo ii kara motomerarete ita.
They would need all the able-bodied men they could get.


kare no kenkou ga otoroetsutsu aru rashii choukou wa hoka ni mo dete ita.
There were other signs that his health might be failing.

hamigaki o ichinichi ni sukunaku tomo nikai suru koto wa, kenkou zenpan ni yuueki desu.
Brushing your teeth at least twice a day is beneficial to your overall health.

oya ga fukenzen to kangaeru kachikan kara wagako o mamoritai to iu negai mo, tashika ni wakaru.
And I certainly appreciate the desire of parents to shield their children from values they consider unwholesome.

hoken iryou, shakai saabisu, shakai hoshou no goukei ga seifu sou shishutsu ni shimeru wariai wa, boueihi no sanbai o shimete ita.
Health care, social services and social security were consuming three times more than defence as a share of total managed government expenditure.

shichigatsu no aru doyoubi no gogo, watashi wa kare o washinton no jitaku de no chuushoku ni maneite, onkenha no han seifu sentouin o senbatsu shi, kunren shi, busou suru koto ga kanou ka dou ka o giron shita.
I invited him to my house in Washington for lunch on a Saturday afternoon in July to discuss whether it was possible to vet, train, and equip moderate opposition fighters.

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