Infographic: English Idioms in Japanese Part 1

Infographic: English idioms in Japanese part 1

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1. Beat around the bush: to avoid the main topic
Why didn’t you say so without beating around the bush?
naze tantouchokunyuu ni kikanai no da.

2. Get out of hand: to get out of control; beyond control
It’s really getting out of hand.
hontou ni te ni oenaku natteru wa.

3. Judge a book by its cover: cannot judge something primarily on appearance
You can’t judge a book by its cover.
hyoushi de hon no nakami o handan suru koto wa dekinai.

4. Under the weather: to feel slightly ill
I’m sorry to hear you’re under the weather.
okagen ga warukute oki no doku sama.


5. Piece of cake: something easy to do
I thought that test was a piece of cake.
maa, boku wa anna shiken, rakushou da to omotta ne.

6. Get the wind up: to become frightened or disturbed
You’d quite got the wind up about it, hadn’t you?
honto ni kinchou shite orareta you deshita ne.

7. Stab in the back: to betray
He got stabbed in the back by someone he thought was a friend.
kare wa tomodachi da to omotte ita hito ni uragirareta.

8. Straight to the point: to talk directly about a subject
You go straight to the point.
zubari to mato o ite oide desu ne.

9. See eye to eye: to agree on something
I don’t quite see eye to eye with you there.
sono ten de wa watashi to anata no kenkai wa mattaku icchi sen desu na.

10. Bark up the wrong tree: to look in the wrong place
Just for once our friend was barking up the wrong tree.
kondo dake wa, wareware no yuujin mo, kentouchigai o nasutta to iu wake deshita.


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