Learn JLPT N4 Grammar: に気がつく (ni ki ga tsuku)

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Meaning: to notice; to realize


Verb-casual + ことに気がつく
Noun + に気がつく

Example sentences:

kanojo wa saifu o otoshita koto ni ki ga tsukanakatta.
She did not notice that she had dropped the wallet.

ane wa sore ni ki ga tsukanakatta.
My sister didn’t notice that.


piitaa wa, kanojo ga kare no sonzai ni ki ta tsuita no ga wakaru made, kono atarashiku shutsugen shita tenshi o, chirachira yokome de ogande ita.
Peter worshipped this new angel with furtive eye, till he saw that she had discovered him.

sono toki kare wa, kanojo ga naite iru noni ki ga tsuita.
Then he noticed that she was crying.

watashi wa youshou no koro kara jibun no seikaku ga mujun no ooi mono de aru koto ni ki ga tsuite ita.
From my earliest youth I realized that my nature was a mass of contradictions.

chuui shite kanojo o mita toki, kare wa sore ga yahari onaji mae no musume datta koto ni ki ga tsuita.
He examined her attentively and recognized her as the same girl.


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