Learn JLPT N4 Grammar: と言われている (to iwarete iru)

Learn Japanese Grammar JLPT N4 Flashcard

Meaning: it is said that…


Phrase + と言われている

Example sentences:

nihongo wa motto mo muzukashii gengo da to iwarete iru.
Japanese is said to be the most difficult language to learn.


kore kara mo chuugoku wa masumasu hatten shite iku to iwarete iru.
It is said that China will continue to develop more from now on.

shaashanku no sora ni wa sekai no motto mo idai na eiga da to iwarete iru.
The Shawshank Redemption is said to be the greatest movie of all time.

sore wa densetsu da, sonzai shinai mono da to iwarete imashita.
They said it was a legend, that it did not exist.

daitokai wa kiken da to iwarete iru.
They said that big cities are dangerous.

ano hito wa atama ga ii to minna ni iwarete iru.
Everyone said that that person is smart.

sakana wa kenkou ni ii to iwarete imasu.
It is said that fish is good for health.


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