Learn JLPT N4 Grammar: と言ってもいい (to itte mo ii)

Learn Japanese Grammar JLPT N4 Flashcard

Meaning: you could say; you might say


Phrase + と言ってもいい

Example sentences:

watashi no kyou ga aru nowa mattaku sensei gatagata no okage da to itte mo ii desu.
You might say that my success today was all thanks to my teachers.


hanashi dashite shimaeba, tsuzukete hanashite shimau hou ga raku datta. hotto suru to ittemo yokatta.
It was easier to keep telling his story now that he had started. It was even a relief.

watashi no ie niwa kagu rashii kagu wa hitotsu mo nai to itte mo ii.
You can say that there’s not even a single furniture in my house.

kare no kuchou niwa, doko ka hen na tokoro ga atta. tsumetai to itte mo ii kurai datta.
He sounded a little bit strange. You could say he seemed even cold.

kore wa kare no tsukutta mono no naka de ichiban ii sakuhin da to itte mo ii darou.
You can say that this is his best work among all the things he’s created.


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