Learn JLPT N4 Grammar: ていただけませんか (te itadakemasen ka)

Learn Japanese Grammar JLPT N4 Flashcard

Meaning: can you please; could I get


Verb-てform + もらえませんか/いただけませんか

Example sentences:

watashi ga nihongo de kaita sakubun o mite itadakemasen ka.
Could you please take a look at the essay I wrote in Japanese?

honjitsu wa soutai sasete itadakemasen deshou ka.
Could you please let me leave early today?


sumimasen ga, chotto shizuka ni shite moraemasen ka.
Excuse me, could you be a little quiet?

ashita youji ga aru node, shigoto o yasumasete itadakemasen ka.
I have a business to take care of tomorrow. Could you please let me take a day off?

sumimasen ga, soko doite moraemasen ka.
Excuse me, could you mind moving out of the way?

enpitsu o wasurete shimattan desu ga, chotto kashite moraemasen ka.
I forgot my pencil. Could you lend me yours?

Similar grammar:

ましょう (mashou): let’s, shall we
ませんか (masen ka): let’s, won’t you
たらどうですか (tara dou desu ka): why don’t you


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