Learn JLPT N4 Grammar: おきに (oki ni)

Learn Japanese Grammar JLPT N4 Flashcard

Meaning: repeated at intervals; every


Noun + おきに

Example sentences:

go meetoru oki ni ki o uemashita.
We planted trees at intervals of 5 meters.

kanojo wa, suufun oki ni mado no soto ni me o yatte ita.
She looked out the window every few minutes.

kuukou e mukau basu wa nijuppun oki ni dete iru.
A bus to the airport arrives every 20 minutes.


hyaku meetoru oki ni denchuu ga tatte iru.
The telephone poles are set up at intervals of 100 meters.

ichinichi oki ni daiyamondo ga mitsukaru to omotte ita no ka.
You thought we could find a diamond every other day?

kare wa isshuukan oki ni mondai o okosu seito da.
He’s the kind of student who gets in trouble every other week.

kono douro niwa 25 kiro okini gasorin sutando ga aru.
The gas stations were built at intervals of 25 kilometers on this road.

Similar grammar:

という (to iu): all, every
ごとに (goto ni): each, every, at intervals of
ずくめ (zukume): entirely, completely


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