Learn JLPT N3 Vocabulary: 痛み (itami)

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Kana: いたみ
Kanji: 痛み; 傷み
Romaji: itami

Type: noun

Meaning: pain; ache; soreness; grief; distress; damage; injury; bruise

Example sentences:

itami ga dandan tsuyoku natte irun desu.
The pains are getting hard.


to douji ni, hiza ni hageshii itami o kanjita.
At the same time I felt a sharp pain in my knee.

watashi wa itami o kanjita. sakebou to shita.
I felt pain. I wanted to cry out.

watashi wa saikin, itami ga hageshii toki, suiminyaku toshite, kuroraaru o mochiite ita.
During recent bouts of pain, I had been ordered a sleeping draught – Chloral Hydrate.

Similar words:

苦悩 (kunou)

Meaning in other languages:

Chinese: 痛 (tòng); 疼 (téng)
Korean: 아픔 (apeum)


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