Learn JLPT N3 Vocabulary: 失う (ushinau)

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Kana: うしなう
Kanji: 失う
Romaji: ushinau

Type: Verb

Meaning: to lose; to part with

Example sentences:

musume o ushinau koto wa dekinai.
I can’t lose my daughter.

dare datte aisuru mono o ushinaitakunai.
No one wants to lose their loved ones.


osanai koro ni ryoushin o jiko de ushinaimashita.
I lost my parents in an accident when I was young.

Learn JLPT N3 Vocabulary: 失う (ushinau)

uchi no gun wa heishi hitori ushinatte mo hojuu mo dekinai.
When our army loses a man, he can’t be replaced.

kare wa baransu o ushinatte ochite itta.
He lost his balance and fell over.

Similar words:

失する (shissuru); 無くす (nakusu)

Meaning in other languages:

Chinese: 失去 (shīqù); 失掉 (shīdiào)
Korean: 잃다 (ilhda)


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